Royal Cornwall Hospital CFPU, Redruth

The £3.6 million CFPU next to the Cambrorne-Redruth Community Hospital, will not only change how meals are prepared but will also contribute to regeneration and economic sustainability within the region by sourcing local produce. This in turn will help the environment by cutting food miles.

Meals will be prepared by the existing teams of chefs from the Trust’s hospitals, using high quality cook-chill techniques, and then be transported to hospitals across Cornwall where they will be cooked on the wards along with steamed vegetables or prepared salads. The meals will be designed to provide a healthy balanced diet, catering for a wide range of special needs and will be prepared so their nutritional value is maintained right to the point of serving.

The unit will give some of the most up to date catering equipment in the county, creating the opportunity to form partnerships with local colleges to allow catering students to experience largescale commercial catering.

The CPFU has secured almost £2 million funding from the Objective One European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund and the Department for the Enviroment, Food and Rural Affairs Fund for the capital built. In the longer term, the unit has been designed with the capacity to expand commercially, supplying food to other organisations in the region.

Equipment included Rational Combination Ovens, BGL Rieber tilting Combi Kettles and Bratt Pans, Meiko Dishwashers, Foster Coldrooms and Refrigeration, Robot Coupe Food Preparation Equipment, Induced Energy Induction Tops & Wimbock Ventilated Ceiling.

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