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Welcome to our new fresh and exciting website, please look around at services, completed projects and special offers!

Tesseract Service Management System

We have also just invested in the latest service management system for the Engineering Department. This system will result in better response times and will store more information about your equipment, allowing extensive reports to be produced for your retention. As engineers will be able to download their fault findings report whilst still on site, any parts required will be ordered quicker thus reducing your equipment downtime.

We can now also provide a speedier sourcing of spare parts service for our customers. By using a webcam through Skype to some of our manufacturers, we are able to visually identify spare parts rather than merely describing them. This reduces the likelihood of an incorrect part being ordered and so minimises the downtime of your equipment. We are currently working towards all our manufacturers utilising this technology for this purpose.

Another benefit of the system is that you can contact us for free over the internet, and as our system includes a webcam, video conferencing can take place. By using it in this capacity, we are actually able to fulfil more appointments with our client’s As our travelling time is dramatically reduced.